Creating Impactful Calls to Action

Call to actions are designed to prompt a response or encourage a sale. In this webinar we will teach you how to create a powerful call to action that puts the focus on what’s important and encourages potential clients to act now. The difference between soft and hard sales. Creating leading action items. Identify whatRead more

The Value of Customer Experience

In this one hour webinar, we will be going in-depth on why customer relationships, value and support is so important to retaining your clients for life. What is a value proposition? What sets you apart from your competition? Are you communicating that “special sauce” to your community? Register Now

The Shift Toward Good

The Importance of Being a Mission-Driven Company At the heart of every company is their mission – what you stand for and the reason for your existence. In this course we will teach you how to make the shift toward good so you can declare the difference you want to make in your community. NowRead more

Central Plains Native Small Business Workshop

Aspiring Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner? Attend a FREE 2-Day Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop September 20 - 21 | 9 am - 4 pm Central Plains Native Small Business Workshop Hampton Inn Omaha Airport 2020 Abbott Drive, Carter Lake, IA, 51510 Register Now

Setting Your Prices for Profit

Finish 2021 Strong Understanding gross profit margin will help you set your prices with confidence. Register Now

Choosing a Social Media Platform

Finish 2021 Strong Learn about various options to find the best fit for your business goals and target audience. Register Now

Business Accounting for Beginners

Finish 2021 Strong Familiarize yourself with accounting basics so that you can become a more informed business owner. Register Now

Maximize Your Online Presence

Finish 2021 Strong Can your clients find you online? Tips and tools to reach out to your remote customers. Register Now

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Finish 2021 Strong Learn the value and impact of a strong business plan. Register Now

Blogs Are Back: The Written Podcast

Finish 2021 Strong Writing blogs is easier than you think; show your expertise and knowledge through written posts. Register Now

Social Media Planning

Finish 2021 Strong Build your social media presence by creating a simple, easy to follow calendar. Register Now

Goals for Growth

Finish 2021 Strong Fast-track your growth by setting and utilizing SMART goals. Register Now