• Wells Fargo Awards Native360 $1.5 Million Grant to Expand Native American Great Plains Lending Hub

    Native360 Loan Fund, a certified Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) dedicated to improving the economic well-being of Native American citizens, has been granted a significant sum of $1.5 million by Wells Fargo.

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  • Native360 Awards $42,500 to Native Business Students

    The 2023 Dreamcatcher Scholarships support the academic aspirations of Native American students who are residents of Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota or Kansas.

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  • Small Business Coaching Tools Now Available

    Signup to request free access to Native360 Initiate, more than 100 interactive tools, templates. videos, guides and other resources to help grow your business. Space is limited.

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Wells Fargo Awards Native360 $1.5 Million Grant to Expand
Native American Great Plains Lending Hub

Developing strong Native  

business leaders, families and citizens of all tribes in Nebraska, Iowa, and southeast South Dakota.

 Native360 Loan Fund’s mission is to provide affordable credit, capital, technical assistance and related programs to help build strong and self-sufficient Native American business owners, families and citizens. We serve the citizens of all tribes in Nebraska, Iowa, and southeast South Dakota.

 Native360’s Marketing Academy

Quick online training to help grow your business. Spend an hour with us and get help with the things that matter to you and your business.

Latest Past Events

Featured Artist

Native360 workshop participant Bruce W. Long of Lincoln specializes in horse hair pottery. He is a member of the Umo ho (Omaha) tribe.

Native Artist Interviews for Omaha Fashion Week

Congratulations to Maria Fortune, a member of the Omaha Nation, who has interviewed for Omaha Fashion Week. She uses her background as a Native artist to create Ezhonmonhe Ribbon Skirts.


Professional Artists Workshop Includes Work to Create Product Photos, Bios and Videos

Native artists from Nebraska and South Dakota gathered in Lincoln, NE for a training and skills development workshop on May 13 and 14. Hosted by Native360 Loan Fund, the session was taught by clothing designer Leslie Deer (Mvskoke Nation) and entrepreneur Felecia Freeman (Citizen Potawatomi)

Native Artists Gather to Learn More About the Business Side of Art

Native artists from four tribes gathered in Iowa to participate in professional development training. Members of the Omaha, Lakota, Yankton and Oglala Sioux nations took part in the two-day session at the Holiday Inn Express. The event was organized by Native360 Loan Fund with funding from the USDA.

Wells Fargo Supports Native360’s Mission

Learn how Wells Fargo supports Native360 Loan Fund’s mission to empower Native American business owners in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

Edison Rednest III – Alliance Theater

Edison Rednest III explains how Native360 helped him reach his goal of purchasing the historic Alliance Theater in Alliance, NE.

Joshua Iron Shell – The Gutter Connection

Accounting, marketing and training support from Native360 made all the difference for Joshua Iron Shell when he started his new company, The Gutter Connection in Lincoln, NE.

Morning Star Graphics – Keeping Memories Alive

Bethany Drapeau started her business to help her customers honor lost loved ones. Unsure about making the transition from teacher to entrepreneur, Native360 provided the funding and expertise necessary to make her passion a reality.

See What Other Entrepreneurs Say About Empowerment Workshop 2021

An overview of our annual workshop for entrepreneurs that highlights the resources and training available through Native360 Loan Fund.

Blue Raven Music – Music for All

As there was a financial crisis in 2009, Matt and Jenny Richardson were having a hard time securing a loan to start Blue Raven Music. In order to pursue their passion, Matt and Jenny needed to pay off some debt, opening up funds for Blue Raven Music. Jenny reached out to Native360 Loan Fund and immediately made progress with starting Blue Raven Music.

Jamico Construction – Paving the Way

For Rebecca Oberle, president of Jamico Construction, entrepreneurship runs in her family. So when the construction demands in Nebraska were growing, there was no hesitation to start a concrete flat work business.

Wells Fargo Open For Business Grant Provides Relief and Hope!

Hedgewood Tree Service LLC started in 2015 with one employee and minimal equipment. Over the years, and with the help of Native360 Loan Fund, owner Matt Nightser has watched his business grow tremendously.

Native360 Loan Fund and Wells Fargo has taken Hedgewood Tree Service LLC to new heights in 2021! Thank you Wells Fargo!

Native360 is a Proud Supporter of
Glass Services

For rapidly growing Glass Services of Council Bluffs, IA, scaling from 5 to 30 employees in one year presented a unique set of challenges. Sean Nightser, a Ponca tribe member, and his wife Leigh, turned to the team at Native360 Loan Fund for help with business coaching, industry-specific consultants, commercial loans and other financial services.

“The business coaching helped quite a bit, “Sean Nightser said. “It really was much more than I expected. They just wanted to help, and it was just a good feeling because I didn’t know what to expect.”

Native360 is a Proud Supporter of
Jessica Johnson

Native360 is proud to support Jessica Johnson in the 2019 Miss Omaha Pageant. Contestants volunteer in the Omaha metro area and across the state of Nebraska, promoting issues important to them and inspiring people everywhere to become the best version of themselves. Contest participants have gone on to become successful doctors, businesswomen, world champions and award-winning journalists.

Our Clients Say It Best

Have you been thinking about working with Native360, but aren’t sure what to expect? You aren’t alone.

Please take a few minutes and watch this short video. You’ll learn more about Native360 from business owners we have worked with in the past. Bottom line: We’re here to help you start or build a strong Native business.

Native financial institutions hold policy summit in Washington D.C. November 19-21

Native American-serving community development financial institutions to set policy priorities and then meet directly with Congress News Release Native CDFI Network The Native CDFI Network (NCN) will hold the firstRead more

Upton Meets with Other National Leaders in New Mexico to Discuss Capital Needs

ALBUQUERQUE – Native American leaders, bankers and federal officials met here Aug. 27-28 to discuss capital needs of Indian Country and modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to better meet the needs of tribal governments and citizens.

Martin Eggert

“Financial Peace University has shown me how to make sure every dollar of my money is working for me and serving a purpose, instead of just being used on unplanned spur of the moment purchases”

Martin Eggert
Financial Peace University Graduate

Jenny Jones

“I found this course to be great. It really teaches you to manage your money. Make your money work for you. In nine weeks I have cut up two credit cards and almost have my emergency fund.”

Jenny Jones
Financial Peace University Graduate

Valerie Wright

“This class has been very beneficial and I have already started to save for my $1000 emergency fund. This class has helped me understand buying insurance, to save money for retirement and how to get out of debt.”

Valerie Wright
Financial Peace University Graduate

Ruthanne Gallup

“I wish everyone would take this class and put into practice the concepts that were taught”

Ruthanne Gallup
Financial Peace University Graduate

Tara Wahcahunka

“I came to the training unsure of the business aspect of my work. I’m walking away with a new found confidence in all the knowledge that was shared.”

Tara Wahcahunka
Native Artist Professional Development Attendee

Ricky Wright, Jr.

”The Native Artist Professional Development Training was a great learning experience. I would recommend the training to not only upcoming artist, but also, to anyone intended in Native Culture and/or business.”

Ricky Wright, Jr.

Janet Gill

“It has been a pleasure to work with Native360l. It is a rare experience to find a loan company that walks along beside the owner and provides counsel and assistance along the way. The help with planning, problem-solving, and business model tuning, coaching, and bookkeeping has been phenomenal. The resource connections are top-notch. First Ponca Financial joins in celebrating successes and assists new business owners in overcoming hardships and stresses that are sure to happen in the operation of a new business”

Janet Gill
Owner of Bloomfield Tire & Oil

Jessica Johnson

“I had a great experience! Being a small business owner can be very stressful at times but the whole organization was so caring of my situation. They helped me through a difficult period. I call them my Knights in Shining Armor! Amazing people and I highly recommend!”

Jessica Johnson
Owner of Living Beautifully Spa

Matthew Nightser

“The team were true professionals. I felt that they cared about my personal and financial wellbeing. They actually go out of their way to make sure you are on the right track. Their communication is excellent and their business ethics are superb. They certainly know what they are doing. What a wonderful experience!”

Matthew Nightser
Owner of Hedgewood402

Success Stories