How it began

The Gills family business includes parents Ken & Janet along with son Jeremy and wife Stacey.  They acquired Freeman Brothers in 2012 and renamed it Bloomfield Tire & Oil, where Jeremy Gill spearheads the tire & oil operation. He gained his knowledge and experience while working for the former owners, the Freeman brothers, during his high school years. After attending college and working in another industry, Jeremy decided to move his family back to his hometown of Bloomfield when they purchased the tire and oil business.

Growth in their Business

After 8 years operating the Bloomfield Tire & Oil, the Gills wanted to grow their business and help their community. The town was without a convenience store and a 24-hour fuel option. The Gills decided to purchase a previously closed convenience store in Bloomfield located just one block northeast of their current location. They made a commitment to remodel and reinvest into the location. They reopened as Stingers OneStop in May of 2018. Stingers OneStop now provides the community 24 hour fuel, fresh food, convenience items, drinks and snacks. The store features homemade pizza and broasted chicken and they have daily noon specials.

How we helped

Meeting with the Gills, we discussed their aspirations and reviewed their needs. They were fully committed to growing their business and providing for the community. Previously we partnered with the Gills on Bloomfield Tire & Oil and we see this as great opportunity. We provided the Gills funding to help with the project.

With our help, we were able to provide the Gills the financial assistance needed to ensure the project was completed. Stingers OneStop has added eight jobs to the community and provided much needed fuel and food to the Bloomfield community.