Blue Raven Music – Music For All

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Co-Owners Matt and Jenny Richardson started Blue Raven Music in 2009 and has provided the Lincoln, NE area with both music lessons and musical instruments since. Blue

Raven Music has 12 instructors that range from vocal and piano to banjo and accordion. Along with their instructors, Matt and Jenny have a passion for music and play in several bands. They have used their passion to create a truly unique atmosphere that inspires creativity!

From lessons to purchasing your first musical instrument, Blue Raven Music has an opportunity for everyone regardless of age or experience. If you would like to learn more or set up lessons, visit:

“Native 360 was able to help us pay off loans and pay down some of that debt, so that we could have money to further invest in the business.”


As there was a financial crisis in 2009, Matt and Jenny Richardson were having a hard time securing a loan to start Blue Raven Music. In order to pursue their passion, Matt and Jenny needed to pay off some debt, opening up funds for Blue Raven Music.


Jenny reached out to Native 360 Loan Fund and immediately made progress with starting Blue Raven Music. Native 360 took the time to visit the future site of Blue Raven Music and believed in the drive of Matt and Jenny. Along with a loan to start the business, Native 360 would later supply Matt and Jenny with an expansion and equipment loan.


Blue Raven Music now has 12 instructors that teach and perform a variety of instruments. With new instruments and teaching materials, Blue Raven Music takes pride in providing music lessons to the Lincoln, NE area regardless of age and experience level.

“Speaking from the heart, I want to thank Pete and Native 360 for all of the hard work they have done to support my business and other small businesses.”

– Jenny Richardson