Jamico Construction – Paving the Way

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For Rebecca Oberle, president of Jamico Construction, entrepreneurship runs in her family. So when the construction demands in Nebraska were growing, there was no hesitation to start a concrete flat work business.

The business idea initially sparked from a conversation with a friend in 2015. Through research and determining what she could specialize in, Rebecca brought in Brandon Johnson as a co-owner and hit the ground running in concrete flatwork. In 2019, the duo brought in their missing piece, Mike Roberts, to help manage the project details.

Jamico Construction specializes in concrete flatwork, including basic slabs, garage floors, sidewalks, driveways, large scale parking lots and highway projects, even expanding into walls and rebar installation.

“We make it easy”

What sets Jamico Construction apart from the competition is that they are very easy to work with. Every crew member can adapt to scheduling changes and stick to the project timeline.

“I believe that what makes us stand out is we absolutely make everything easy for our clients,” Rebecca said. “That along with the fact that our crew is excellent in our craft. We have some of the very best people in the industry and most of them have 15-20 years of experience themselves doing concrete work.”

In addition to being excellent in their craft, Jamico Construction has a WBE and DBE certification in Nebraska and Iowa that allows them to bid on large government contracts. There can be tough competition for small, emerging businesses, and those qualifications allow Rebecca’s female-owned business to compete in the open marketplace.

Those qualities and certifications are what has helped Jamico Construction have great success doing work in the Omaha area. Jamico Construction has been able to work on many projects including work for Elkhorn North High School, Bennington schools, the city of Lincoln, the Nebraska Department of Roads and the military base.

Paving the way

With great success comes growth. Pete Upton, Executive Director for Native360 Loan Fund, partnered with Rebecca and Jamico Construction from the very beginning to help the company develop credit.

As Jamico Construction has grown from one crew to three crews and additional job sites, Native360 provided equipment loans so they could purchase trucks, trailers and skids to keep up with their growing demand. Over the next few years they would like to see their company grow to five different crews and continue increasing the number of jobs they’re able to take on at once.

Lasting legacies

For Rebecca, Brandon and Mike, owning Jamico Construction has been a way to make something they are passionate about a part of their everyday life and leave a lasting legacy on the communities they help build.

“Having your own thing, your own passion is very important in life,” Rebecca said. “I am very proud to say that I have finally found mine.”