The Gutter Connection – Keeping the Crew Safe

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The Gutter Connection is a new company that is owned and operated by Joshua Iron Shell. Joshua has been a part of the construction industry for 8 years. During that time, he has gathered valuable experience with the installation and maintenance process for gutter systems. His business has grown exponentially and continues to provide the Lincoln, NE area with professional gutter services.

The Gutter Connection offers a variety of services including: Gutter Installation, Gutter Screen/Guard products and installation, and Gutter Cleaning. If you would like to learn more about these services, go to

“The Gutter Connection has been my dream, and it’s been very difficult trying to make this dream come true, but it’s now actually coming true thanks to Native 360.”

– Joshua Iron Shell


For Joshua Iron Shell, securing a loan with less than excellent credit was keeping him from achieving his dream. As The Gutter Connection was growing, his need for safer and more versatile ladders along with more efficient equipment was also growing. A loan would allow him to keep his crews safer and expand business.


Joshua found Native 360 online and came into contact with Pete Upton. He discussed loan opportunities with Native 360 Loan Fund as well as assistance with keeping The Gutter Connection legally compliant. After securing a loan from Native 360 Loan Fund, Joshua was able to purchase a new trailer, gutter machine, new ladders and other equipment.


The Gutter Connection is now able to perform services more efficiently, and safer! This has led to a growth in business that has kept him and his crews much busier than before. With new equipment and tax documents in order, The Gutter Connection is providing excellent service to Lincoln, NE.

“Native 360 Loan Fund set me up to win, and I am very grateful for this opportunity that Native 360 has given to me and my family.”

– Joshua Iron Shell